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To make a delicious Greek frappé, you'll need to master the art of blending instant coffee, water, sugar, and milk. Begin by vigorously shaking water, instant coffee, and sugar together to create the signature thick foam of this refreshing iced coffee.

Pour the foam into a glass, then add cold water, milk, and ice cubes, stirring well. Adjust the sweetness and milk levels to suit your taste preferences.

For best results, ensure the mixture is thoroughly shaken, and consider using a milk frother or blender for efficiency. You can also enhance the flavor and texture by adding a touch of vanilla extract or cinnamon.

To truly understand the process, explore additional tips and techniques for perfecting your Greek frappé.

What Is a Greek Frappé?

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A Greek frappé is a popular iced coffee drink in Greece, perfect for hot weather. It blends instant coffee, water, sugar, and milk to create a refreshing experience. One of its distinctive features is the thick foam that forms, adding texture and visual appeal.

Enjoyed in social settings, it fosters a sense of community. Customizable to suit individual tastes, you can adjust sweetness and milk levels. Its simplicity and adaptability have made it a favorite among coffee lovers looking for a cool, revitalizing beverage.

Greek Frappé Recipe

For a delicious Greek frappé, you'll need water, instant coffee, sugar, milk, and ice cubes. Start by combining water, instant coffee, and sugar in a shaker or jar, then shake vigorously to create a thick foam. This foam is key to getting the classic texture of a Greek frappé.

Pour the foam into a glass and add more water, milk, and ice cubes to your liking. Stir well to mix everything together. Serve your refreshing Greek frappé with a straw for an authentic experience.

This simple recipe ensures you can savor an invigorating cup of authentic Greek coffee.

Bonus Tips

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To achieve the perfect foam thickness in your Greek frappé, ensure you vigorously shake the mixture. The key to a delicious frappé lies in that frothy top.

Here are some extra tips to elevate your frappé experience:

  • Use cold water: Opt for cold water for a smoother taste and better foam consistency.
  • Adjust sweetness: Customize the sweetness level by playing around with different amounts of sugar to suit your preference.
  • Add flavors: Enhance your frappé by adding a dash of vanilla extract or a sprinkle of cinnamon for a unique flavor profile.
  • Blend for speed: If you're looking for a faster method, consider using a hand-held milk frother or blender for the perfect foam.


To become a Greek frappé connoisseur, you need to grasp its key ingredients, perfect the preparation techniques, and appreciate its cultural significance.

This refreshing drink is made with instant coffee, water, sugar, milk, and ice cubes, offering a customizable and versatile experience.

Following traditional methods, especially the vigorous shaking for a frothy texture, is crucial for an authentic taste.

Experimenting with different variations and nuances will enrich your journey into the world of this beloved Greek classic.

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