The Secret To A Good Cup of Gourmet Coffee

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Get out of your rut and discover the joys that come with a delicious cup of coffee. Jazz up your morning routine by indulging in a rich, gourmet blend!

After all, you deserve it!

Top Tip: What can you do to make it rich and delicious? Just a touch of cream and sugar, which can also double up as vanilla syrup if you add a hint of vanilla extract.

There are some coffee drinkers who swear that their morning drink is incomplete without both cream and sugar. They probably think the more they consume, the more energy they need.

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The dictionary defines gourmet food like this, “Gourmet food is that which is of the highest quality, perfectly prepared and artfully presented.” If you want to enjoy a top-notch meal at home without spending lots on expensive ingredients or inviting someone over who would be cooking for you, then what about just picking up some high-quality ice cream from your local grocery store?

You can even make it much more decadent by adding in fresh fruit. That way if guests come over they’ll have something delicious waiting for them when they arrive! The same goes for coffee.

Gourmet coffee is more expensive than, say, supermarket brands, but the taste is also much richer. Unless money is no object, why not save the gourmet coffee for the weekends? Make it an end-of-the-week tradition. Stick with the supermarket coffee for when you’re rushing off to work.

The gourmet coffee will mellow out with each passing week. Besides, there’s no point in choosing a flavorless brand just because it is cheaper!

What To Look For When buying Gourmet Coffee

Here are some pointers to consider when buying your next bag of gourmet coffee:

Quality – Pure Arabica beans that are grown on high-altitude farms are harder to grow but the quality shows through and makes for a more delicious cup of coffee.

If you’re buying from your supermarket make sure it is roasted recently and also check the expiration date. Nothing beats fresh!

Packaging – Coffee that’s exposed to oxygen will eventually go stale so look for a bag that has been encased in foil or plastic which keeps it protected against moisture intrusion and airlock.

Packaging also plays a part in flavor retention. Coffee is best kept in air-tight containers like glass, ceramic, or metal to keep it fresh and delicious.

Aroma – before you buy put your nose next to the bag and take a whiff of the aroma. A bright and sharp smell indicates a high-quality coffee bean!

How To Make Your Own Gourmet Coffee

Making your own gourmet coffee can be as hard or easy as you want to make it. Begin by choosing the best beans for a delicious and professional taste that will have everyone running out of their office in search of more. If you don’t know which type is perfect, try one from Kona-coffee beans are popular among those who like rich flavors with low acidity; Jamaican Blue Mountain has an earthy flavor profile including notes such as chocolate, sugarcane molasses, and sweet biscuits; Sumatra offers up intense fruitiness but also contains hints of spice not found elsewhere on this list!

Coffee beans are similar to wine in that they name the beans after the region. In the world of wine, you have the popular Sonoma wines, which come from the Sonoma Valley in California. In the world of coffee, the equivalent would be Kona beans which come from Kona, Hawaii.

Coffee beans
Kona Coffee beans

Kona coffee beans are grown in the rich volcanic soil and the mild tropical climate of the Kona coffee belt on the western side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It has a wonderfully full, rich, and smooth flavor with little or no bitter aftertaste. Be sure that you buy Kona beans and not a Kona blend. A Kona blend can legally be labeled as Kona with as little as 10% of actual Kona beans in it.

Next, you’ll need to grind your beans. Ground coffee begins losing its flavor once it’s exposed to air. So you’ll want to grind just enough to make your desired amount. Store any leftover grinds in an airtight container. You’ll want to grind your coffee beans very fine, but don’t pulverize them into dust. If you over-grind them, the heat and friction will vaporize the oils that give the coffee its distinct flavor.

The Importance of Cleaning your Coffee Maker

When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? A clean coffee maker makes a significant difference in how your coffee tastes. At least once a month pour a mixture of half vinegar and half water into your coffee maker. Let the mix run through the full brew process. Repeat the process again using only water this time to rinse it out. Do this one more time if a vinegar smell is still present.

This will guarantee a fresh taste every time you make coffee. You should also use cold water when filling your brewer for the same reason. Check out more great tips for cleaning your coffee maker here.

Single Cup Coffee Maker vs French Press: Which is Best?

The single cup coffee maker is typically more popular than the traditional French Press method which involves manually plunging a filter into hot water to steep the ground coffee before allowing it to drip into your cup. This process works best if you’re brewing the coffee for only one person and want each serving to be fresh.

The convenience of a single serve machine is great for those who have limited time in the morning or live alone and don’t need to make multiple pots throughout the day. Most are extremely easy to use making them a great buy for newlyweds, college students, or anyone else who loves homemade coffee but may not have the time to brew it.

The variety of choices is much more limited with single-cup machines than with the French Press, but they offer convenience at a lower cost. Manual French presses are very affordable and can easily be found in most good stores or online.

Now your work is done and it’s time for the coffee maker to pull its weight. Use clean, filtered water and fill the coffee maker to the desired level. Use about 6 ounces of water for every 2 heaping tablespoons of coffee. Turn it on and hang around while it brews. You’ll want to be there to enjoy the delightful aroma.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up that will help get your day off to an energized start, then try our gourmet coffees. They are perfect for when you want something different than the regular cup of joe. And it doesn’t even have to be all that special! All we ask is that you indulge in one every now and again so these cups don’t go stale on us. What’s stopping you from enjoying some good coffee?

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