What is the Best Burr Coffee Grinder?

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In the world of coffee making, there are two main types of coffee bean grinders that are the go-to grinders for industry professionals and coffee lovers alike. Are you thinking about buying your first grinder, but you are unsure which grinder is the best to buy? Keep reading to find out more about the best coffee bean grinders on the market and which type of grinder is best.

The blade coffee grinder

The blade grinders are often inexpensive and easy to operate. These are the cheapest type of coffee grinders available on the market, and for good reason. Blade grinders work, somewhat similar to a blender. The machine features blades that spin rapidly and smash your coffee beans to bits. It gets the job done, but it fails to produce a high-quality grind. What you are left with is inconsistently sized coffee grounds. This is a problem because the big pieces and tiny fines don’t extract the same way during brewing. Coffee connoisseurs and professional baristas tend to recommend using a Burr Grinder, as these produce a more uniform grind.

What is a burr grinder?

Burr Grinders are the preferred coffee bean grinder of coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas. It is used to achieve a freshly ground and specialist-quality brew. How does a burr grinder work? The burr grinder works by crushing the coffee beans between two rotating abrasive surfaces called burrs which are divided by an exacting distance. The greater the distance between the burrs, the coarser the grind; the closer they are, the finer the grind. What does a burr grinder look like? The burrs vary in shape depending on the model. The flat burr grinder features flat burrs and the conical burr grinder features cone-shaped burrs. Conical grinders tend to be more expensive. To find out more about Conical grinders check out our blog: (Hyperlink) You can also find both, old-school manual burr grinders and electric burr grinders.

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So why are burr grinders more expensive?

Is a burr grinder better? Most coffee enthusiasts and professionals would agree that the burr grinder produces a better quality grind. The burrs create uniformity and consistency of the coffee grounds which improves flavor extraction and gets the very best out of your coffee beans. Its grinding accuracy allows you to achieve both a coarse grind or fine grind depending on the type of coffee you want to make while avoiding any clogging issues you might see with a blade grinder.

So what then is the difference between a burr vs blade grinders? It all comes down to cost and quality. If you are willing to pay more for a consistent grind and improved flavor quality then the burr grinder is definitely your best bet. But be wary of snake oil salesmen that offer electric burr grinders for less than £100. You don’t want to waste your time and money on a knock off that won’t actually get the level of accuracy you’re looking for. Be wary of these false burrs that are no better than blade grinders incognito.

What are the best burr coffee grinders?

What to look for when buying a burr coffee grinder? The first thing you should look for is a low-speed model. Why? because high-speed grinders could prematurely heat the beans and cause static problems. This static charge can cause the grinds to stick around the edges of your grinder, making it harder to clean. Premature heating can diminish the flavor of your brew and give it a burnt taste.

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Now, if you are not really familiar with Burr Grinders, you can always review the various brands online, and check out our blog on the Choosing the best coffee grinder.

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There are a number of models that may better suit your brewing needs:

• Conical burr grinder
• Ceramic burr grinder
• Flat burr grinder
• Manual burr grinder
• Electric burr grinder etc.

If you are a bit more old school you may prefer a manual burr grinder. They are also the coolest looking grinders in our opinion. But if your someone whos always on the go, an electric model might be the more practical choice. For those hardcore coffee enthusiasts, the more pricey conical burr grinder may be more up your street for a premium quality grind. Check out our blog on Conical Burr Grinders to find out more.

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