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At Bushy Beard, our day doesn’t start until we’ve had our morning brew, and there is no better way to start the day than with the aromatic scent of rich roasted coffee beans wafting through the air. Like us, you’re probably not functional without your morning mug. If you enjoy your coffee (and let’s face it you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t) and you want to find out how to brew stronger coffee, then follow this guide to learn how you can make an exceptional brew that packs that extra punch.

What does strong coffee mean?

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Before we look at how to brew stronger coffee, we must first understand what is meant by strong coffee. For a lot of people, strong coffee either means:

  • That it has a bolder flavor
  • That it has high caffeine content

Bold flavor

For coffee diehards, a bold flavor makes all the difference. But remember, stronger in flavor doesn’t mean it should be bitter in taste. If your coffee is too bitter, it’s likely that you have over-extracted your beans. Try adjusting your grind size to be a little more coarse.

A bold flavor is normally a smoky taste or a woodsy flavor in your coffee and an enhanced coffee aroma. You’ll notice as you sip from your mug, that the beverage feels full-bodied in your mouth.

A well-made, strong coffee should interact with a number of your senses. Here are a few ways to help ensure you achieve bold flavors in your coffee cup.

Choose a darker roast

A nice dark roast is the best way to get a luxuriously rich coffee flavor. Make sure you get the blend just right. You don’t want to overdo it on Robusta Beans or the flavor will be too harsh. Blend 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica for a smooth, rich flavor. We recommend using this as your starting point, before adjusting your blend according to your personal taste.

Use a finer grind to achieve a stronger tasting coffee. For the best results, use a fine grind only if you have an espresso machine. If you use a French press or a drip coffee maker, then go for a coarser grind.

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Change your brewing method

Espresso is a common method of brewing a strong dark shot of coffee, often enjoyed by people who’re always on the go. But it’s not the only way to get a strong-tasting, caffeine-concentrated brew. The French Press and Aero Press are also great methods to use. Although these can be pricey they are a worthy investment for any coffee lover.

how to brew stronger coffee

Another way to enhance the flavor of your coffee is by increasing the brewing time, so if you’re using a French Press, try increasing your brew time to 4 minutes. Be aware, that a longer brewing time will mean a higher level of caffeination.

Increase the coffee to water ratio

This is the most obvious and easiest way to make your coffee stronger. No extra equipment is needed, no fancy process, or additional costs. Simply increase the amount of coffee in your mug.

Many suggest using a medium roast because increasing the coffee water ratio using darker roasts can create a really harsh flavor.

Higher caffeine content

If you’re looking to achieve a higher caffeine content in your brew, to give you that extra boost in the morning then consider some of the following tips;

Mix up the coffee variety

For an extra caffeine boost switch to a Robusta blend. Robusta coffee beans have a higher caffeine content than Arabica coffee beans and are primarily used in a lot of instant coffee, while Arabica is the blend of choice for most coffee shops.

As mentioned before, it’s better to go for a blend of both coffee beans to get a smoother, richer brew.

 Go for lighter roasts

It might surprise you to know that lighter roasts actually have a higher concentration of caffeine. This is because less caffeine hasn’t been burnt out during the roasting process.

How to make strong coffee using a drip coffee maker

Make sure to buy fresh dark whole Arabica beans, packaged in an air-tight bag, and don’t open the bag until you’re ready to make your coffee.

Grind the beans until they are coarse.

Add an extra half-spoonful to increase your coffee to water-ratio. A pinch of salt can help reduce any bitter taste.

Brew for 4-6 minutes.

Pour and enjoy! We encourage coffee lovers to experiment. Learning how to brew different types of coffee and experiencing new depths of flavor is always fun.

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